Policies and Standards

1. All proposals for review by the Senate Curriculum Committee should be submitted electronically to Spencer Turkel (sturkel@nyit.edu) and Bernadette Buhler (bbuhler@nyit.edu) in the Office of Academic Affairs, not less than three weeks prior to the meeting. The Office of Academic Affairs, after reviewing the submitted proposals, will distribute them electronically to the membership of the committee at least one week prior to the meeting.

2. The Senate Curriculum Committee will only review proposals that have been acted upon by an individual School Curriculum Committee (and the School Curriculum Committee should only review proposals that have been acted upon by the Department's Curriculum Committee, should one exist), or by ad hoc subcommittees formed by the Senate Curriculum Committee. Proposals must be submitted to the Senate Curriculum Committee by the Dean appropriate of the School.

3. The Vice President for Academic Affairs may make exceptions to rules 1 and 2, when issues of significant urgency or program importance emerge, such as accreditation requirements.

4. All proposals for new programs or significant program modifications must include clear and compelling analyses of five areas: centrality, quality, feasibility/financial viability, marketability, and outcomes assessment. Outcomes Assessment plans must include program goals, objects, and description of assessment instruments; and course syllabi must provide alignment among the goals and objectives of the program and the course.

5. Three standing subcommittees shall review proposals and recommend whether they should be placed on the committee agenda:

  • General Education Core subcommittee evaluates core courses and the core curriculum
  • Student Learning Learning Outcomes subcommittee evaluates assessment plans for both courses and programs with respect to alignment with departmental goals and learning outcomes, and consistency with institutional mission
  • Feasibility subcommittee evaluates budget and marketing plans, physical plant requirements, projections and staffing needs, etc. 

6. All such proposals should be submitted in the format provided by the New Program Guidelines, including the five-year budget plan spreadsheet, and submitted electronically to the committee (electronic versions of these forms are available from the Office of Academic Affairs).

7. When a proposed change in a course or program impacts upon courses or programs in a department or school outside of the one involved in the change, the outside affected departments or schools must be consulted and their response be made part of the presentation to Senate Curriculum Committee.

8. New degree maps must accompany new program proposals and program changes.

9. All substantive changes in the content of a course and/or changes in a course title and/or course number must come to the Curriculum Committee; changes in course numbers and/or titles must be approved by the Registrar. All course descriptions should conform to the style guidelines available from the Office of Academic Affairs. Minor changes in course descriptions that do not reflect a change in course content do not need to go through the Senate Curriculum Committee, nor do copy editing issues that are handled in the Office of Academic Affairs (however, FYI distributions are always welcome). Other than these minor adjustments to course descriptions, no changes to programs or courses can be made in the College Catalog without prior Senate approval.

10. All proposals for new courses or major modifications to existing courses should be accompanied by a syllabus.

11. All Schools and Departments of NYIT shall include the following academic skills in all new courses: writing to learn, quantitative reasoning, use of technology, and information literacy (see Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education: Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes (final version, January 2000, as prepared by the Association of College and Research Libraries). In addition, all Schools and Departments of NYIT shall consider the appropriateness of the following skills for inclusion in their courses, and where appropriate these skills should be included when creating new courses: multiculturalism, globalization, interdisciplinary thinking, critical reading and thinking, student research, collaborative learning, ethics, and environmentalism.

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